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About Me

Hello! I'M Harshal Tripathi.

Developer by heart. Love to take pictures and being ocassaional chef.

I like reading, a lot! But do keep it to non-finctional, if not related to technology. And Yes! Problems excite me, could spend days without blinking, if stuck. One of the strengths - "Getting into details"

If you find any "About me" section for me, which does not mention coffee, at least once, Don't trust that page.

Things I CARE about

The little things you can relate to me, if you know me, if don't these will help you get along, quick!

Java & Python

My strengths include Java, for Web & Desktop applications and Python for web-scrapping and scripting tasks. Have been developing for more than 5 years using several frameworks.

Hadoop & Spark

Batch & Stream processing engines have most of my attention for almost a year now. Have worked on traditional Hadoop Map-Reduce and Spark stream processing for social analytics.

Mongo DB & Oracle DB

I have been working on RDBMS & No-Sql databases for almost 5 and 2 years respectively. Some of my most challenging works do include optimizing queries for NFRs.


I'm not sure what 'u' & 'n' stand for in 'FUN', but 'F' definitely stands for food. Have been eating food for past 26 years, and loved most of it. [:


It's more than a hobby, it just blends me in. If anything is not working out well, a good photo has solution to my mood. More into portraits, just a beginner.


A lot of places in the bucket list, covered a few. Love to sit peacefully in a completely unknown place, enjoying nature and peace.

My Social

Socializing makes us different from other species.
Hmmm! might be what zuckerburg understood in 2004.

Meet the Blogger Me

Did any of the above mentioned things interest you?
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